Power-driven hydroseeders

The Hydrotec series has been designed to be used in conjunction with small and light duty vehicles such as small vans, pick-ups etc.
It is the perfect compromise to complete small to medium hydroseeding works and for those who are approaching this reality (gardeners, nurseries, construction
companies etc.)

The standard range of machines is composed of two models, both available in diesel or petrol engine and both realized with polyethylene tank HDPE (500 or 1000 liter capacity).

Equipped with the exclusive AGROTEC technology, they can perform any type of hydroseeding, even with the thickest mixtures.


Measures (MM) 1600 x 1250 x 1200 2450 x 1400 x 2050
Weight (Kg) 430 900
Tank Polyethylene HD 500 L Polyethylene HD 1000 L
  • Köhler CH440 STD (UE & Extra UE)
    14 hp Benzina
  • Köhler KDI15 440 (UE)
    10.1 hp Diesel M.R.
  • Lombardini 15LD 500 /B1 (Extra UE)
    12 hp Diesel
  • Lombardini 12-LD 477 (Extra UE)
    22 hp Diesel
  • Köhler KDW 1003 (UE)
    25.2 hp Diesel M.R.

Self-priming positive displacement
Flow rate 200 l/min
Total head 10 bar
Range around 15 mt

Self-priming positive displacement
Flow rate 330 l/min
Total head 10 bar
Range around 25 mt


Red hose Ø38

connected by storz reductions

Three-point hitch 500LM

available for IDR500LM model

Pallet fork with 2000kg of lifting capacity

available for IDR1000LM model

Manual hose reel with 40mt hose

available for IDR1000LM model

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