• Awards


In 1986 Agrotec was awarded with the prize UNACOMA (Unione Nazionale Costruttori Macchine Agricole, Italian Farm Machinery Manufacturers Association) for the development of the Drenaratro – a new working concept designed as an alternative to the traditional soil ploughing as for both the work capacity of the machinery and the technical innovations used to build the Drenaratro.
In September 2002 Agrotec received another UNACOMA prize for its new hydroseeder – it completed a range that has been in production for over 10 years. This equipment allows to perform jobs in environmental cleanup which have been judged very complicated or even impossible to do until now.
In 2007 Agrotec was awarded as Technical Novelty EXPO GREEN for the design and production of  a Self-loading Topdresser SPS20 able to perform a localized distribution of sand on areas where there is a depression caused by several factors – it allows to restore the evenness of the superficial outline.