Top Dresser SP140


The Top Dresser SP140A is able to perform the job with one machine and one operator that will never leave the driver’s seat. This machine is self-loading and can spread up to 60 tons of sand a day.
The Top Dresser is the ideal unit for constructors to carry maintenance turf operations, in particular on sports fields.
From tractor cab, the operator can easily engage wheels movement and control the hydraulic ram by means of two double acting hydraulic systems. Wheels movement activates the spreading of material and at the same time the agitator – in this way also wet sand can be spread. The quantity of material to be used can be controlled adjusting the opening on the lower door.
The Top Dresser can be used to spread salt and gravel during the Winter or even to spray a mix of peat and sand inside greenhouses.
The Top Dresser is available in trained or 3-point linkage mounted unit.