Self-Loading Top Dresser SPS20


The SPS20 self-lading top dresser with centrifugal distribution is aimed at topdressing operations (surface sanding) and re-polishing of the superficial profile (localised sanding) in stadiums (sports fields) and golf courses. In comparison with other sanding machines, this machine is special because it is equipped with a mechanical tracking device for surface dips – it is possible to achieve a localised and even distribution in the areas identified by the tester.
This leads to a progressive reduction of dips caused by play, irrigation or the normal ground settlement. The machine can distribute sand quantities far more than the standard 5-7 mm – it is sufficient to fill dips after one or two passes only. Most of the sports require an even and uniform surface in order to guarantee correct rolling and bouncing trajectories. It also improves any balls running index and contributes to the protection of players’ physical safety.

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