Stone Buriers

The presence of stones, rubble and grass clumps in the soil has always been a serious problem during the preparation of a seed bed, both in gardening and in crop-growing. Thanks to the experience gathered in years of activity in this sector, AGROTEC has perfected a complete range of efficient and functional stone-burying machines which includes 15 different models ranging from 55 to 305 cm. The strength of the double-bodied chassis (i.e., two structures separated by an empty space) and an oversize transmission make the AGROTEC stone-burying machine a reliable machine, able to tackle also the most difficult jobs.


The AGROTEC stone-burying machine can carry out several actions in a single pass, with considerable agronomic and economic advantages:
• Soil milling
• Separation and burial of stones
• Levelling of worked terrain, ready for seeding
• Clod crushing
• Drainage improvement
• Reduction of soil hardness
• Reduction of preparation times.

The stone-burying machine can be used on all types of terrain.

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