500 L


Polyethylene HD, capacity 500 l, mounted on an inclined frame. Collecting tank with aspiration flange for complete draining. Powder-coated frame prearranged for drainage with forklift truck.


11 HP one-cylinder fuel or diesel engine. Air cooled. Manual or electric start upon request.


Positive displacement, self-priming pump driven by an oleodynamic reversible engine

Flow rate 200 l/min, range 15 m.

Total head 10 bar


Mechanical agitator with 3 pairs of galvanised, two-way rotating paddles, mounted on oscillating external supports. Chromium plated shaft. Driven by reversible oleodynamic engine. Internal recirculation of the slurry with a three-way valve. 2’’ galvanised pipeline


Two pumps flanged to the endothermic engine

Two reversible engines for the agitator and the pump

45 l hydraulic oil tank with oil level indicator


The machine is provided with a horizontally rotating nozzle and is mounted on a brass wheeled frame with quick-release ball bearings, 3 interchangeable nozzles and a 10 m long, 38 mm wide, connected hose. 5 m suction pipe with safety device.

DIMENSIONS: 1600X1250X1200H

Weight: 430 kg

ACCESSORIES BY DEMAND:                                                             

  • Three-point hitch kit.
  • hydraulic hose d.38


Hydroseeding machine 500L at work



Hydroseeding machine 500L



Hydroseeding machine 500L at work



Hydroseeding machine 500L