HDI Series

HDI series represents the 4th generation of Agrotec hydroseeding machines. Thanks to our  twenty-year experience in producing these machines, our range includes: 4 standard models (2000 liters up to 8000 liters), some special models that we customize upon customer’s request (even on vehicles such as Unimog or transporters such as AEBI, Linder, Reform).

HDI series offers the best hydroseeders in the market – these hydroseeders are among the most modern and efficient top quality machines.

The main features that make the difference are:

–          Hot-dip galvanized tank (inside and outside)

–          Main control board near the operator

–          Pump and agitator are driven by hydraulically reversible activation

–          Anti-clogging pump that is perfect for all types of hydroseeding products

depliant_hydroseeding_machines_hdi_series - pdf, 3,38 Mb