Hydroseeding Machines

Hydroseeding is an effective technique for environmental cleanup of  deteriorated sites; erosion control; environmental introduction of engineering works; green public areas; parks; golf courses and gardens.

This type of interventions requires appropriate professional equipments called hydroseeding machines.

The purpose of hydroseeding is to plant grass on bare soil surfaces which are subject to erosion phenomena. Products should be chosen depending on the results you need to achieve and on the characteristics (slope, soil type, scarp height) of the soil to be planted with grass.

Thanks to its expertise, AGROTEC has developed over more than 20 years a  wide range of different hydroseeding machines from 5000 to 8000 l with several equipments.

The HDI series has 4 standard models of 2000 to 8000 l and some special models which are designed by our experts and tailored for our clients.

The L series is perfect for small to medium sized hydroseeding jobs and for those who are entering this field of expertise for the first time. The hydroseeding machines of this series have barrels with a capacity of 500 to 1000 l. They are made of HD polyethylene in order to reduce weight and size of the machines which are usually carried by gardeners’ small vehicles such as pickups and small trucks.

The T series has a range of hydroseeding machines to be applied to the lifter of the tractor. This series was designed for jobs to be done in areas which are hard to access. There are two models: 500l and 1000l – these hydroseeding machines have the same technology of the other two series and are activated by power take-off of the tractor they are applied to.